For the first time, the most classic card book ever made has been republished with photographs by Rosa Polin and a foreword by legendary Joe Crist. For any earnest student of serious card manipulation this will be a God send. Mr. Crist and Ms. Polin have re-envisioned S.W. Erdnase’s The Expert at the Card Table, a study book meant to be carefully gone over with the idea of improving one’s "overall card handling ability.” Truly original work will always withstand the test of time. Such is the story of the little book on card manipulations by S.W. Erdnase. The quality of the sleights, the finger positions necessary to achieve real success, and his painstaking descriptions separate Erdnase’ book from all others. 

We felt it was about time that actual photographs of the hand positions of each card sleight be available to the aspiring student of serious card manipulations who is seeking, without help from a knowledgable personal instructor, to improve "overall card handling ability."  All 101 photographs are of Mr. Crist’s hands performing the various sleights. In the foreword, Mr. Crist discloses one of the most closely guarded revelations in the history of playing cards. Known by just a handful of card experts worldwide, the 180 year old secret of the practice board is lauded as the greatest tool in developing "overall card handling ability" of all time.

This book is a special edition of 300 signed copies. Each copy sold comes with an original print of one of the photographs in the book. Act fast! Once sold, that's it. 

Whispered about among the best card handlers since he was a child. Absolutely NO ONE, past or present, possesses his playing card pedigree.

Jack Chanin to Charlie Miller- "I knew JOE CRIST since he was nine years old, kept chasing him away but he kept coming back- had a lot of guts for a little kid- has the best second deal anyone ever saw- he was also taught card sleights by old-time gamblers."

The Legendary Cardini- "If you bloody well stand next to JOE CRIST your card handling goes way up. The greatest natural card handler of all time."

Joe Artanis- "JOE CRIST has the heart of a lion and the touch of an Angel."

Big Frank Garcia- "We go way back, Joe and I, to the Automat days- good looking kid and very private- and he's the greatest card handler in the world."

Charlie Miller (1964)- "I was astounded by his card work- told him he was the best, but he said 'Charlie, there is no such thing.'"

Dai Vernon to Cardini- "JOE CRIST is the greatest card handler I have ever seen."

Francis Carlyle- "We first met in the Kiwi Bar on Houston St.- spent five hours together- told him all about Dan Cummings- Joe was a young kid but he had this incredible knowledge about cards, would not do anything for me that first meeting."

Del Cartier- "Cardini is his best friend and will do anything for Joe- he's very private, hard to get to know- everyone was jealous of his card work, everyone."

Ed Marlo to Cy Enfield- "Yes, Joe fooled me with those bottoms but I didn't think he was going to do bottom work."

Walter Scott to Ed Marlo- "Who? Don't know him."

Persi Diaconis to Steve Freeman- "JOE CRIST is the greatest card handler I have ever seen."

Herbert E. Huncke- "Joe's card performance for me at his East 12th St. Apt. was the single most skillful display of playing card subterfuge it has been my privilege to encounter, lo these many years."

Bill Kalush- "Joe does the finest card work that I have ever seen."

Bill Malone- "I was watching so closely and still could not believe my eyes! Impossible."

Ricky Smith- "The legends are true... the most amazing things, done with a perfect naturalness... and the outcome? Inconceivable."

Mooney- "Joe's a stand up gee and with cards he has no equal."

Rosa Polin- "I hope to be as open hearted as Joe one day. Oh and I heard he is good at card stuff too."

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